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Online store clearance sale - StarHub Community - 132692
the samsung galaxy note edge 4g+ U.P is $299 but with the $200 clearance sale it becomes $0, but the blackberry passport U.P $199 after - 132692
Enquiry about Samsung Note 4 Warranty (Display Err... - StarHub Community - 132101
One of my friends is currently using the 4G5 Samsung Note 4 plan and he has subscribed the " Smart Support Basic" too since the - 132101
Samsung GX-SH530CF Set-Top Box front Display is no... - StarHub Community - 131996
Change the set top box from Cisco to Samsung in order to enjoy a recording feature via 1TB external hardisk + monthly subscription $4.28 - 131996
Note 7 mass recall - StarHub Community - 133396
Hi how do i go about or how will starhub update me since ive just bought samsung note 7 while samsung is issueing a mass recall due to the - 133396
1 on 1 exchange for samsung s7 edge - StarHub Community - 131911
I have problem with my s7 edge my display in low resolution and before that unit was so hot. Is there a chance to go for 1 in 1 exchange? - 131911
Solved: When will Starhub enable VoLTE for S7 Edge? - StarHub Community - 130441
Solved: I notice Starhub did not enable the VoLTE VAS for SAMSUNG S7 Edge. From the screen capture below, M1 line is enabled, but not for - 130441
Horrible Experience with Pre Order - StarHub Community - 133072
I registered my interest to pre order Samsung Note 7. After receiving the confirmation email, I logged in enthusiastically on 15 Aug to try - 133072
HDD partition not recognized. New WD 1TB My Passpo... - StarHub Community - 132754
Bought a brand new Western Digital WD 1TB My passport ultra hdd to connect to samsung hd interactive set top box. But when i connected the - 132754
My phone number is used for wrong purpose. - StarHub Community - 133001
Hi I just contracted samsung smartphone with starhub two weeks ago. Today morning, i got message that ############### This number report to - 133001
Change of sim card - StarHub Community - 133116
Hi..I have recontract with starhub and purchased Samsung note 7, I notices that my present sim card (note 3) can't.fix in, can i get a - 133116
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