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Eligibility to Apply for Mobile Plan | StarHub Support
Recontract eligibility, student plan age limit, work permit deposit - find out all about your eligibility to apply for any StarHub mobile services here.
Recontract | StarHub Support
It's time to recontract for your services! Check your eligibility and understand the recontract terms and prcoesses here before subscribing. See more here.
Business Eligibility Services | StarHub Support
Check out more information about your eligibility at our SMB Online Store Support. Find out more here!
Annual Handset Upgrade | StarHub Support
HubClub members are entitled to fee waiver of early recontract after 1 year. Find out more about HubClub's annual handset upgrade scheme here.
Eligibility to Apply for Broadband Services | StarHub Support
Subscribing to StarHub Broadband service? Check on your eligibility first before subscribing. See here for the full guidelines of the registration process.
My Account Management | StarHub Support
StarHub's My Account management allows you to view your bills, manage your services, check recontract eligibility and more. Find out more about My Account.
Voice - Eligibility to Apply | StarHub Support
Keen to apply for StarHub Digital Voice Services? Find out all about the applicants eligibility and how you can apply here. Applicants must be at least 18.
Fibre Broadband Home Essentials | StarHub Singapore
Check your home eligibility and what you need, such as a Wireless AC Dual Band Router and Termination Point, to get your home ready for fibre broadband.