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Ridiculous Roaming Bill - StarHub Community - 131972
Hi, I was recently in the UK on annual leave. I have a roaming plan but did not connected to the preferred network but was very careful not - 131972
Early Recontract - Hub Club Member - StarHub Community - 133526
Hi Admin, I am writing to check in the matters of my Early Recontract. I am a eligible HubClub member who will be entitled to the Early - 133526
Recontract Voucher Request for Extention - StarHub Community - 133315
Hi, I have received a letter from Starhub that, $200 OFF Handset Voucher. But it will be expired by 31 Aug 2016. But I am waiting the new - 133315
StarHub please help me to turn on personal hotspot - StarHub Community - 133296
Hi StarHub team, I'm using Happy Roam in Australia and just be notified that I have to call 1633 to set up Personal Hotspot on my phone. Can - 133296
Starhub Apps Data Usage Error.. - StarHub Community - 133266
I woke up in the morning and check my data usage for yesterday. And i was in shock when i saw the data usage for this morning exceeded 1GB. - 133266
Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation! - StarHub Community - 122409
How do I know if StarHub miscalculated my data usage? Because lately it has been reaching the limit so fast when I didn't really use it as - 122409
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