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iPhone and iPad can't connect to wifi network | GreenR Community
For past few days, my family members iPhones and iPads have been having problem connecting to the wifi at home. There is signal but cannot surf and whatsapp keeps on giving no Internet error messag...
Iphone 7 Plus accidentaly lost overseas(Philippines) | GreenR Community
Dear Starhub,  Kindly help me, my phone was accidentally lost, can you help me to activate the roaming for me to contact my phone? Thank you appreciate your help.
Early recontract | GreenR Community
Hi, I just did the re contract this year March with smart surf premium under corporate n now I wish to upgrade my line to 4G5 iPhone line with iphone 6. Can I upgrade/recontract? How much will the ...
No iphone 7 plus available for re contract | GreenR Community
I am unable to recontract my mobile line as there is no stock for I phone 7 plus and the $100 voucher is expiring on 30 September 2016  
iphone 66 re-contract | GreenR Community
My mobile contract will end on Contract End:05/02/2015   When is the earliest re-contract , any recontact fee ?
No services for my iPhone 6 plus | GreenR Community
Good afternoon. I had already made payment through SAM machine, and I tried to reconnect my line. But it keeps on showing "no service" on my screen. It has been one day since, and I would like to h...
hubclub | GreenR Community
currently a samsung user.. and if i am to recontract to an iphone do i need to pay any additional recontracting fees ?   
Hand set upgrade issue | GreenR Community
Dear starhub, I am very unhappy with the service provided from the customer service and road show sale team.1.5mths ago, I made request for a handset upgrade to Iphone 5 and also change from 3g to ...