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help | GreenR Community
i want to buy an iphone but i dont know how the contract works, how to buy etc. help
Trade In | GreenR Community
Am i allow to trade in my iPhone X which still under contract eventhough i’m not eligible to recontract yet? 
Unable to connect to internet via WIFI | GreenR Community
Hi. I am unable to connect to my home WIFI through iphone,ipad or laptop. On the iphone it says, "unable to join the network". It wont connect via wifi on the laptop.As for my PC, its fine because ...
Early Recontract | GreenR Community
Hi there,I am using status smartsurf premium plan for last 12 months. Now I wish to early recontract to buy iPhone, please let me know how much I need to pay for early recontract. Thank you
StarHub CIS $188/$228 Handset | GreenR Community
Hello! I was wondering whether the CIS promotion (i.e. $188 or $228 off handset depending on plan) will be applicable for the iPhone X? Thank you!
Renew Contract | GreenR Community
I have 3 line to renew & now waiting for IPhone 6, & gonna to sign up Fiber Broadband with Starhub, anyone can contact me on this matter?