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Voice over WiFi | StarHub Support
Voice over WiFi (VoWIFI) calls are available when you're using StarHub network. Get to know more on how to connect to VoWIFI calls here from this guide.
NumberShare | Voice and SMS Add-ons | StarHub Support
Use apps and make calls using the same number on your Smartwatch LTE! Learn how you can experience on-the-go connectivity with our NumberShare FAQ.
1 on 1 exchange for samsung s7 edge - StarHub Community - 131911
I have problem with my s7 edge my display in low resolution and before that unit was so hot. Is there a chance to go for 1 in 1 exchange? - 131911
Voice Topics | StarHub Support
Enjoying using StarHub's voice services? Be sure to be updated with the latest changes by StarHub to avoid any unnecessary disruptions here. See more now.
Shocking mobile data bills that keep increasing. E... - StarHub Community - 132153
It has come to my attention that every since I recontracted, my bills have increased from the subscription rate only to twice, trice, and - 132153
Huge spike in data usage, not the norm, pls help! - StarHub Community - 132033
Hello starhub team, I average about 50-100mb a day but yesterday recorded usage at 510mb! I tracked back my usage for the day and can only - 132033
Solved: Happy prepaid data roaming in Australia not workin... - StarHub Community - 131549
Solved: hi I activated my happy prepaid for a 2.4gb data plan at $15 to be used in Australia. The SIM card was a activated in Singapore - 131549
Road Trip: Travel Apps and Mobile Must-haves | StarHub Blog
Planning a road trip soon? Check out our recommendations on some must-have travel apps and mobile phones while happy road tripping! Enjoy seamless mobile data roaming connection and avoid bill shocks while on the road with StarHub DataTravel. Your adventure awaits, read on to find out more!
Can't send sms to 146077877 - StarHub Community - 92177
I got delivery failure when I tried sending sms to the no. 146077877. Please advise. - 92177
Cyber Attacks: Online Security Tips (And Myths) | StarHub Blog
Are you being smart and safe when you go online? Here are some Cyber Attack tips and myths from StarHub. We get you up to speed on the latest cyber security tricks to keep you protected, and bust some common misconceptions in the world of cyber security. Get StarHub JuniorProtect today!