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Happy vCard Dara roaming not working - Iphone | GreenR Community
I have the happy card and subscribed for the 7 days 1GB roaming for my trip to Hong Kong.  I have activated data roaming on my phone and the APN has been set to shppd. I’m using an iPhone.  But I s...
How to fix Comcast email not working on iPhone? | GreenR Community
When you find it difficult to send email from your Comcast account using your iPhone the first thing you need to do is to check the server settings. The setting to configure your Comcast account di...
Happy Tourist Pack for iPhone 5s ? | GreenR Community
I'm traveling to Singapore from the US for 3 weeks and would like a voice and data plan for my iPhone 5s during that time.   The Happy Tourist Pack looks like a good option for me -- but I'm not su...
My Starhub iPhone App data usage Tracker | GreenR Community
Why MyStarhub iPhone app not showing Data usage for all of my mobile phone accounts..It only showing data usage for one account. Showing 0 for remaining accounts always
Terrible Mobile data on iPhone 6 | GreenR Community
I've been experiencing terrible mobile data connection on my iPhone 6. From browsing here, I found that I'm not the only one too. Internet connection on my phone is disconnected often with change o...
[Help] Charged for Data Roaming but IPhone setting for data roaming is off | GreenR Community
I was notified by StarHub that I have used the data roaming when I entered Malaysia but my iPhone 7 setting for data roaming is off.  can anyone from StarHub help on this?
How to connect a Usb of iphone to star hub set up box | GreenR Community
Hai i have recently took star hub, how i can connect my iphone usb to the star hub setup box. I am trying this to access internet and see online programmes.Could some one suggest me.
Unable to enable personal hotspot on Happy Travel Card, iPhone 5 | GreenR Community
Hi, tried adjusting my APN setting as advised but still unable to enable personal hotspot. Kindly advise. Am currently in Canada, using an iPhone 5 (iOS 10.3.3). Was also advised that certain desti...