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Mobile Plans and Devices | StarHub Singapore
Goodbye hidden fees and running outta of data. Hello to transparency and data freedom. Take your pick from our new contract-free SIM Only plans, or get a new device with a 2-year plan. Check out StarHub Mobile for more!
Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) Overview | StarHub Singapore
Enjoy exclusive handset offers and discounts off your monthly mobile subscription with StarHub’s Corporate Individual Scheme program. Choose from our exciting, all-new plans that give you FREE unlimited data every weekend on top of the basic monthly data! Find out more.
Six Reasons Why You Should Always Plan Trips With A Smartphone
Turn your smartphone into your own travel agent. Check-out six reasons you won't be able to arrange a holiday without your smartphone. Visit StarHub today.
1Gbps Network | StarHub Support
StarHub is the first telco in Singapore that supports 1Gbps mobile network. Already available for certain handsets, find out more about the 1Gbps network.
Ridiculous Data Excess Calculation! - StarHub Community - 122409
How do I know if StarHub miscalculated my data usage? Because lately it has been reaching the limit so fast when I didn't really use it as - 122409
NumberShare | Voice and SMS Add-ons | StarHub Support
Use apps and make calls using the same number on your Smartwatch LTE! Learn how you can experience on-the-go connectivity with our NumberShare FAQ.
Digital Voice Global IDD | StarHub Support
How do I make IDD calls with Digital Voice Global? What are the charges like? Find out more about StarHub Digital Voice Global IDD services here.
Smart Support is not smart at all - StarHub Community - 170117
The problem started last year around end July 2018 when i call up smart support regards to my faulty i phone 6 and paid and get a - 170117
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