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Internet Data On/Off on iPhone 6s | GreenR Community
I have just used the Starhub prepaid for the last two days, and I realized that my internet data showed 4G signed on my iphone 6s but it wasn't/isn't connected to the internet. I dug up some infor ...
Happy vCard Dara roaming not working - Iphone | GreenR Community
I have the happy card and subscribed for the 7 days 1GB roaming for my trip to Hong Kong.  I have activated data roaming on my phone and the APN has been set to shppd. I’m using an iPhone.  But I s...
Happy Tourist Pack for iPhone 5s ? | GreenR Community
I'm traveling to Singapore from the US for 3 weeks and would like a voice and data plan for my iPhone 5s during that time.   The Happy Tourist Pack looks like a good option for me -- but I'm not su...
My Starhub iPhone App data usage Tracker | GreenR Community
Why MyStarhub iPhone app not showing Data usage for all of my mobile phone accounts..It only showing data usage for one account. Showing 0 for remaining accounts always
Terrible Mobile data on iPhone 6 | GreenR Community
I've been experiencing terrible mobile data connection on my iPhone 6. From browsing here, I found that I'm not the only one too. Internet connection on my phone is disconnected often with change o...
[Help] Charged for Data Roaming but IPhone setting for data roaming is off | GreenR Community
I was notified by StarHub that I have used the data roaming when I entered Malaysia but my iPhone 7 setting for data roaming is off.  can anyone from StarHub help on this?
How to connect a Usb of iphone to star hub set up box | GreenR Community
Hai i have recently took star hub, how i can connect my iphone usb to the star hub setup box. I am trying this to access internet and see online programmes.Could some one suggest me.
Unable to enable personal hotspot on Happy Travel Card, iPhone 5 | GreenR Community
Hi, tried adjusting my APN setting as advised but still unable to enable personal hotspot. Kindly advise. Am currently in Canada, using an iPhone 5 (iOS 10.3.3). Was also advised that certain desti...