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smartsurfHD + iPhone | GreenR Community
Hi,Can i get a smartsurfHD plan for share value plan? what will be the rates for the iPhone if i get iphone with the smartsurfHD plan? thanks.
Downgrading Iphone Plan | GreenR Community
I recently bought Iphone 6 with 4G 5 Plan and i decided to downgrade to iphone 5s plan, is it possible to do so? The reason for me doing such is Iphone 6 is giving problem with the recent update (a...
How To Order An iPhone In Three Easy Steps | StarHub Mobile
Order iPhone 7 online in 3 simple steps. Skip waiting and start shopping at StarHub online store for a great online experience. Enjoy free delivery today.
iPhone trade | GreenR Community
Will a trade in of a spoiled iPhone 5 be accepted? if yes , will the pricing change
Iphone 6s | GreenR Community
I'm a working permit holder, how much do need to pay for the deposit or cash out if i want to avail the plan for iphone 6s or iphone 6s plus?
Unable to Purchase via Online Store | GreenR Community
I'm trying to purchase iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black via online store. Based on the website, it is currently in stock but everytime I clicked Checkout, it will go back to the previous pages and say...
iphone 7 for S Pass Holders | GreenR Community
I am an S-pass holder, i just like to ask on what plan for iphone 7 can i take? I want iphone 7 128gb, and it says there on that i can choose between 4G-6 and 4G 12 which is unlimited a...
change of iphone mobile plan | GreenR Community
Hi,  Will there be any additonal fee(besides $10.70 for normal change of plan) to downgrade from iPhone SmartSurf Premium to iPhone SmartSurf Value, before the contract ends? 
Dual SIM iphone | GreenR Community
Does iPhone sold in Singapore support dual SIM? If not, when can we have that sold in Singapore? Or is it the government policy to ban such technology?