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change of iphone mobile plan | GreenR Community
Hi,  Will there be any additonal fee(besides $10.70 for normal change of plan) to downgrade from iPhone SmartSurf Premium to iPhone SmartSurf Value, before the contract ends? 
Dual SIM iphone | GreenR Community
Does iPhone sold in Singapore support dual SIM? If not, when can we have that sold in Singapore? Or is it the government policy to ban such technology?
change to iphone 6plus | GreenR Community
HiI would like to change my ph to iphone 6plus.My Current Contract will end at sep 2015.It's possible to get iphone 6 plus now?btw i want to downgrade my plan 4G94) to 4G(3) after contract end.Sorr...
3G icon displayed on Iphone, but no internet connection | GreenR Community
Hi, I am prepaid mobile data, with my iphone 4s. for the 20+ hours, I have the 3G icon displayed on Iphone, but no internet connection. I have tried rebooting my phone, resetting my phone, resettin...
Iphone 7 | GreenR Community
Does the recontract price for Iphone 7 varies everyday? Remember I saw it was about $400plus few days back for the $60plus monthly plan but yesterday it was $500plus
received defective iphone 6S plus | GreenR Community
Hi, I would like to check whether I'am able to exchange a new iphone if I only discover the defective iphone on the next day i received. Thank you.
Lost iPhone and can't recontract | GreenR Community
Hello, I have had a contract from March 2014. Recently, my iphone was stolen. I have suspended my line and also filed a police complaint but chances of me getting my phone back are slim at best. I ...
iphone 5s | GreenR Community
The complete lack of ANY iPhone 5S in ANY Starhub outlet on the Nov 4th 2013 borders with idiocy. There is no answer from ANY of your numerous Starhub cares sites or customer services on the date o...
Recontract Voucher $200- iPhone 6s | GreenR Community
Hi I received a $200 recontract voucher from starhub ending end of Sep, but Im only interested in iPhone 6s but the website for stock availability isnt accuracte so I proceeded to look at the onlin...