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Prepaid Nano SIM for iphone 5 | GreenR Community
Does anyone know where can i get a prepaid Nano SIM card? I am buying it for my daughter for her iphone 5 as i dont ewant her to use the post paid option. Thanks. IR
Failure to book for iPhone 7+ preorder | GreenR Community
Hi! Manage to log in but no stocks. At the pointnof registration, you asked customers what model they prefer. But once I got into the system, iPhone 7+ is out of stock. Any advise now for us who ar...
iphone mobile plan recontract | GreenR Community
Hi, I'm having an iphone mobile plan smartsurf value. My 24 month contract ends on the 20-Feburary 2014. Just want to know when is the earliest I can recontract if I want to downgrade my plan to sm...
iphone 5s | GreenR Community
The complete lack of ANY iPhone 5S in ANY Starhub outlet on the Nov 4th 2013 borders with idiocy. There is no answer from ANY of your numerous Starhub cares sites or customer services on the date o...
iphone 7 plus nsf plan | GreenR Community
hi ,      i am planning to sign up a  nsf +4g4+ iphone 7 plus plan , for this plan does it include  both the additional data and 30% discount with free caller id ? 4G 4$62.904GB + 3GB350 mins1200 A...
Online Booking new iphone with CIS | GreenR Community
HI, I want to check that i had successful booking the iphone, however the booking form didn't have the CIS option, but pre-register form i had choose the CIS.  Now i current using singtel postpaid,...
Iphone 6S Compatibility with Smart Wallet | GreenR Community
Hi all,        Understand that Iphone 6S come with NFC since it's enabled for apple pay. But I noticed that it's not listed as one of the device compatible with Smart Wallet.  Is it a missed out fr...
Unable to hotspot on iphone 6 happy roam | GreenR Community
Hi i am unable to hotspot on my iphone 6 when using prepaid happy roam. It says to call 1633 to activate. Kindly advise. Thanks
No 4G on iPhone (bought in France) | GreenR Community
Hi,  I have a pre paid sim card on my trench-coat iPhone 6, and 4G doesnt work at all.  Coule you help me?thank you vert much 
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