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One for one exchange | GreenR Community
I have my iPhone 4S exchanged last year ( one for one exchange ), but I just found that this exchanged iPhone model MD---ZP/A is made for selling in Hong Kong not Singapore , so I am wondering if i...
early re-contract for iPHONE6 | GreenR Community
by this year 19-Oct  , my line is one year , can i do early recontract in 19-Sep for IPHONE 6? thanks 
Using the $500 voucher | GreenR Community
I would like to get the iPhone 6 gold (start pre-order tonite 2359hr or earlier?). I have headache to use up my $500 vouchor. One way is to get accessories for my iPhone 6 and IPad Air. Any recomme...
Recontract and promotion deal | GreenR Community
Would like to request if I can entitle any recontract voucher? Or any promotion deal for recontract?Plan: 4G 4 or 4G 3.Handset: iPhone 6s (32GB) or Samsung Note 5 4G+ (32GB).Thanks!
Recontract, 12UP, Hub Club Member | GreenR Community
Hi,  I would like to enquire the following, if I were to sign up iPhone 7 with XL plan. Assuming that I am a Hub Club member now, 12 months from now,  How does your 12Up Program work? I kind of tra...
How To Party With Your Phone | StarHub Singapore
Start using your phone's capabilities of handling everything from planning, delivery to lighting and much more. Get the iPhone 7 with StarHub Mobile today!
Re-issue of recontract voucher | GreenR Community
 Hi Starhub,I have received a $200 re-contract voucher in July/August and your staff have also called me about recontracting. But the iPhone 7 is not out yet so I told them I will re-contract when ...
pay as you roam false charges | GreenR Community
I'm using a post paid account with pay as you roam enabled,   iphone with dataroaming set to off.Yet, returning from a short trip to Malaysia, I'm getting charged daily for a Roaming Data item of b...
Unable to send sms | GreenR Community
Hi, I have recently changed my iPhone to  redmi phone. I'm now unable to send SMS. but I'm still able to receive SMS and make phone calls. I have also update smsc. 
Mobile Internet 3G/4G utilization | GreenR Community
Hi guys, For the last 2 months, something strange seems to be occuring on my mobile.I am using an iPhone 6S, and I am on the 4G 4 plan with addon data up to 7GB / month.My billing and data cycle is...
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