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Voucher Extend - StarHub Community - 132546
I would like to extend my $100 voucher deadline because I have been waiting for the Samsung Note 7 to launch before I am going to renew the - 132546
HDD partitions cannot be recognized, please change... - StarHub Community - 130102
Hallo, I have recetly changed to the new Samsung setup box and has bought an external harddisk - My Passprt Ultra 1TB. But when I plugged in - 130102
Mobiles plan total amount - StarHub Community - 131592
First of all, i signing the 4g4 plan for samsung galasy s7,this phone got a promotion it is 150 for the phone ,and each month need to pay - 131592
First time signing plan with Starhub - StarHub Community - 131697
Greetings, I'm interested in signing for the Smartsurf HD Value plan and I'm looking to get the Samsung A8 as part of the plan. According to - 131697
Worst service provider in Singapore - StarHub Community - 133061
I've been as a Starhub customer for over 10yrs as Platinum and hub club member, with 3 handphones, f ibre broadband and cable TV. When i - 133061
My sincerest thanks to Jerlyn Ng from Bugis - StarHub Community - 132126
Was served by Jerlyn Ng when I went down personally to recontract my plan. She went all out to write on paper to avoid miscommunication when - 132126
the red lamp is lighted on "network" mark in set-t... - StarHub Community - 131749
Since I cannot watch TV for few days (no screen, no sound), I tried turn off/on all of prags related to Starhub cable but noting have - 131749
Note 7 - StarHub Community - 133419
Can i know i been using note 7 for one week .. i just realise when my note 7 batt is full. I heard my wall charger andriod sound of electric - 133419
Note 7 - StarHub Community - 132783
Hi, Is there anyway we can register interest for the note 7? I had the form filled up and was talking to 1633 to confirm recontract - 132783
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