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Registration of interest for iphone7 - StarHub Community - 133525
Hi, i have signed up interest for iphone 7 via the registration page. It states only 1 iphone per customer, however im holding onto 2 lines - 133525
VoLTE on iPhone 6S Plus - StarHub Community - 133541
I can't seem to use VoLTE on my phone? Why? Everyone time I make phone call, it keep dropping to 3G only. Please help. - 133541
No services for my iPhone 6 plus - StarHub Community - 133410
Good afternoon. I had already made payment through SAM machine, and I tried to reconnect my line. But it keeps on showing "no - 133410
Recontract voucher - StarHub Community - 133088
Hi, I have received a recontract voucher but expired in end Aug. Can I extend the validity as I wish to use it to buy iPhone 7. - 133088
$15 Happy Prepaid SIM - StarHub Community - 132747
Hello, May I know this sim card available for iphone 5s and 6. Cus ur site have no data about type of this sim. thank you - 132747
Starhub fibre with Apple Time capsule - StarHub Community - 133202
Hi, I having internet problems on wifi on my iMac and iphone. Can connect my TC router but can't surf at all. Did a direct connection to the - 133202
Solved: Hubber Annual Recontract? - StarHub Community - 115704
Solved: Hi, I just recontracted for my mobile phone line today. The customer service officer mentioned that the next annual recontract will - 115704